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In the sixties, Rodolfo Clausen started dreaming of making high quality keys and did not stop to get it, so that in 1969 created the first blank key named Rosa. Later, because of his great vision led to JH, a key to better finish (nickel plating) which after a while was the preferred key for locksmiths. So in 1984 he started the first international experiences in Ecuador and Bolivia, which were launched with great success. 

Klaus Brass

After the appearance of these two keys, the family decided to create Klaus Clausen, a key to modern design with a variety of models, which made ​​it possible to enter the Latin American market, with a presence even today in countries such as; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominica Republic, Mexico, USA , Also in Aruba.

In 1997, the unit specializing in the manufacture of brass as valves, glands, tubes, etc. is created. After a time, the Klaus Brass Group decided to venture into the world of exports. 


In 2008 Klaus Brass Group receives the ISO 9001 Quality Certification which shows that Klaus is a company with optimal processes, mitigate risk and improve the service provided. As a company with a great future ahead, Klaus Brass Group is working to obtain the ISO 14001, which certifies that the company builds, promotes and maintains a system of environmental management in all processes for the manufacture of our products. 


The Brass Group Klaus has 29 years of experience in the market manufacturing and marketing products of high quality brass and variety. We are present in over 14 countries offering quality products and great service, because we believe that only "quality people do quality products."

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