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JMA USA is the North American subsidiary of the Altuna Group. The Altuna Group is a global network of production and marketing companies, dedicated to providing the Security Industry with outstanding Key Blanks, Key Machines and locksmith related products under the JMA brand.

Our company was founded in Mondragon, Spain in 1942, and through innovation, absolute commitment to quality and operating efficiency we have become one of the largest key blank manufacturing groups in the world. JMA produces more than 40,000 different references, over 2,000,000 key blanks per day.


We have become the world leader in transponder technology, creating through research, development and design unique transponder keys and transponder cloning equipment. 


JMA USA opened its doors in 2004, as part of the Altuna Group’s globalization Strategy.  Our goal, is to become a leader in the US key blank market by providing exceptional customer service and quality products at fair prices. Whether you need a common house key or an unusual motorcycle key, we probably carry it or manufacture it in one of our 5 manufacturing facilities. Since we started operations in the United States, we have strived to construct a product line that offers a true high quality alternative to what is available in the marketplace. In 2010 alone we have released more than 600 new references exclusive to North America. Our North American catalog now includes over 2,500 references and is without a doubt the fastest growing key blank line in the Industry. You now have a choice. We invite you to compare quality, price and service and see for yourself how JMA adds value to your business and to your bottom line.

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