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Cumsa Coporation has been manufacturing quality automotive grade products in Matamoros, Mexico since 1985 serving the automotive, heavy duty, and marine industries. Originally, Cumsa was a part of General Automotive selling General brand product. Over the years, additional well known brands have been added to Cumsa's product offering through mergers and acquisitions including Lockworks, Trailerworks, Neihoff, and finally Lockcraft. Lockcraft is our brand of the future. All of our electrical and automotive security products are now sold and proudly distributed under the Lockcraft name. 

In 2005, Cumsa Corporation was acquired by its current parent company Avis Industrial Corporation located in Upland, IN ( Today, we manufacture our products in our 85,000 sq. ft. TS16949 certified facility, implementing best practices in lean manufacturing and operations management to improve our ability to service our customer base. Our facility is capable of injection molding, welding, stamping, and assembly amongst other manufacturing processes. We welcome the opportunity to partner with other automotive, heavy truck, and marine manufacturers and distributors to develop new products and solutions to customer problems. With the full support of Avis Industrial Corporation, Cumsa is committed to becoming a world class manufacturer and developer of products within our product categories.

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