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Abritus 72


Abritus 72 Ltd is an innovative company founded in 2005 whose main goal is to develop diagnostic equipment of electronic components integrated into cars, trucks, bikes, etc. Our equipment functionality is influenced both by the specific requirements of our partners and the rapid development of automotive electronics. We offer practical solutions for optimizing, standardizing and simplifying of the work process. We are pleased to partner with companies from all around the world for distribution, training and customer service which guarantees satisfaction and loyalty to our clients. Pursuing the latest demands of those involved in the automotive service industry, we have developed a diagnostic tool named AVDI which we constantly improve and develop.

Our company has a registered trade mark - ABRITES, which guarantees the authenticity of our goods. By using our products our clients have the opportunity for unified diagnostics and diagnostic procedures that are inaccessible or insufficiently developed by the equipment provided by the automobile manufacturers. We are happy that today our company has about 40 young and creative employees. We intend to expand the number of people directly involved in the research, development and customer service. Trying to exceed our clients’ expectations, we plan to develop and maintain our products to be compatible with operating systems such as “iOS”, “Linux”, “Android”, etc. Together with our partners we are opening training and customer service centers in Paris and Manchester. We believe in our abilities, welcome innovation and dynamics and we aim to achieve the impossible!

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