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Elme Tools


Historically, locksmiths and hardware stores were the natural outlets for the duplication of keys, car keys included. In the mid 90’s insurance companies pressed car manufacturers to develop new technology which could stop the sharp increase in car thefts. In 1996, the European Union enacted a regulation making compulsory for all new cars to install an enhanced, transponder-based, anti theft system. From that moment, locksmiths and hardware shops were not able to copy or code car keys with said new system. A whole business was in risk of disappearing. 

Since then, Elme Tools has been working in order to return a pillar activity to the world of locksmiths and hardware shops, providing them with tools and devices for programming car keys and remote controls, and enabling them to offer again a local, immediate, 24-hours a day - 365 days a year, service.

While the first business of Elme Tools was adapting code keys and locks for all types of vehicles, with the new market developments business philosophy shifted to a very specific expertise: providing a personalized and comprehensive service that includes mastering everything related to active safety systems of the car such as immobilisers, central locking, remote controls, transponders, activation of crypto keys, etc.

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